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What is a GSA?
A GSA , sometimes known as a Gay-Straight Alliance, a Queer Student Alliance or another name, is a student group, often school-based, that works to create safer school climate for all students regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression by providing support, networking and opportunities for advocacy.

What if we’re a community group and not attached to a school/a school group that focuses on multiple issues/a college group?
Check out the census – we want to hear from you too!

What is this census?
GLSEN has registered GSAs for many years but wanted to get a snap shot of GSAs for this year – where are they, what activities are they focused on, how many people are involved. The information we gather will help GLSEN and other organizations that support GSAs to ensure that we are producing the best resources and supporting GSAs in connecting to each other.

What will you do with the information you collect?
All individual identifying information will be kept private to GLSEN. Information about number of GSAs, number of participants, types of activities and such will be shared with GLSEN’s partner organizations to ensure that we are supporting GSAs in the ways that are most helpful.

Why should I take this census?
To be counted! We know you are out there doing amazing work and want to capture this snapshot of information to share with educators and policy makers who ask us about the work that GSAs are doing. The census will help us support your GSA and connect your GSA to important resources in your area and across the country. And, you could get a free packet of materials!